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About Nizamabad

Nizamabad district is in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh state in India.  Nizamabad won the corporation status. River Godavari passes through Nizamabad district.

Location of Nizamabad:
Nizamabad is located 165 kms from Hyderabad, connecting to NH-7. The city is well connected to National Highway. Nizamabad is connecting by rail on the Kachiguda, Secunderabad Nanded railway line. Rajiv Gandhi International airport, Samshabad is the nearest airport. Every 15 minuts we have a bus faciltiy between Hyderabad and Nizamabad.
Boundaries for Nizamabad District:
Karimanagar, Adilabad, Medak , Warangal districts are the neighboring districts and is on the boarder of Maharastra state and some portion of Karnataka.
Nizamabad History
The district derived its name as NIZAMABAD (nizam-a-abadi) from the Nizam of Hyderabad Asaf Jahi, VI who had ruled Deccan during the 18th century AD. Originally Nizamabad District was called INDUR known to have originated in the name of king Indradatta who had ruled this region during the 5th century AD.  
Nizamabad Tourism
Nizam Sagar Project, Sri Ram Sagar Projects are the popular tourism places in Nizamabad district. Domakonda Fort, Koulas fort are the historical places. Sri Raghunatha aalayam, Dichpally Ramalayam, Sree Neela Kanteshwara aalayam, Limbadri gutta and Badapahad are the devotional places. Apart from this Alisagar, Ashok sagar, Rock formations at Armoor are the Picnic spots in Nizamabad.                                
Nizamabad Agriculture:
Paddy, Sugar-cane, Maize, Jowar, Cotton, Soyabean, Wheat, Sunflower and pulses are the main crops in the nizamabad district. Turmeric is also one of the important crops grown in the district and being cultivated in the areas of Armoor and Bheemgal Talukas.
FORESTS - Nizamabad District:
The total forest area in the district is 1.69 lakhs hectares farming 22 percent of the total geographical area of the district. As per National Forest Policy, about 1/3 of the area should be covered under Forests.
Economy of Nizamabad District:
Agriculture is the major activity for the economy of Nizamabad district. Agriculture crops in Nizamabad include paddy, maize, sugrar crane, cotton and tobacco.