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Domakonda Fort
Domakonda was a samsthan under the qutub jahis and asif jahis. The fort is believed to be built by the reddy rulers during 18th Century at a site where a fort existed earlier. The entrance to the fort reflects asif Jahi, influence.

The place is built with Western architecture. The tainted paintings in the windows and the wooden architecture are very attractive. The lotus pond.

The Shiva Temple located inside the premises is be lived to be built Kakatiya Period.
17Kms from Kamareddy
Pics from Domakonda Fort
Koulas Fort
Koulas Fort is another massive fort in Nizamabad, which is said to be century’s old history. This located in jukkal Mandal and near to Nanded in Maharastra and Bidar Karnataka.

Earlier this fort was said to be conquered by the Muslim emperors later occupied by Nizams. At present all the structures inside the palace are in ruined stage. The Temple and Dargah is existing. The fort walls are built up in a three-tier system of defense and a big cannon is still visible at the top of the bastion. It has 52 bastions as small and big, along with two main entrances.

The fort, temple and the durga is declared as protected monuments by the archeology department.

90 Kms from Nizamabad
Pics from Koulas Fort
Sri Raghunatha Aalayam (quilla, Nizamabad Fort)
This temple is believed to be built by the Guru of Shivaji, the great Maratha Emperor, the fort and the walls reflects Muslims influence in architecture and the jails are also one part of the temple. The department of Tourism has spend 9.30 lakhs for various development activities including strengthening of the guard room, fiber roof path, toilets and urinals etc. the temple area is beautiful by the waterfall and greenery by the temple committee.
@ nizamabad City
Pics from Sri Raghunatha Aalyam (quilla)
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